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"From the start this place has impressed all of us! Amazing positive position with all that attend. The personalized experience they receive on so many levels from the instructors is something that sets them apart from most. Karate is more than actions it's the core of an individual as well and instilling great moral basis, respect for yourself and others! They do it all perfectly. Great job!!" - Stephanie S.



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Way-of-Life Instructor Team

Karate Instructor

Mr. Zachary Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman is the owner and Chief Instructor at Way-of-Life. He is currently a 4th degree black belt and has trained for 14 years. He will be testing for his 5th degree black belt in November, 2020.

Mr. Kyle Patterson

Mr. Patterson is a Head Instructor and 3rd degree black belt at Way-of-Life. With over ten years of martial arts arts experience, Mr. Patterson is an excellent mentor and provides strong detail in his instruction.


Mr. Sebastian Adams

Mr. Adams will be testing for his 3rd degree black belt in May of 2019. He recently received his certificate of instructorship as a Head Instructor at Way-of-Life.

Karate Instructor

Mr. David Haines

Mr. Haines is currently a 1st degree black belt and Staff Instructor at Way-of-Life. He trains with his wonderful wife, Rhonda, and son, Bryce. Mr. Haines recently earned his Head Instructorship and is now teaching full classes.



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